Star Priority Dealer

Harrison innovated the concept of “Star Priority Dealer”, which will be not only an exclusive showroom and service centre for Harrison products but will also run for consumers and technicians (Carpenter & Fitter) application information & installation training program.

Role of Star Priority Dealers:
  • To provide comfortability, convenience for easy decision to select right products as per their interior for consumers and technicians.
  • Exclusive showroom with display and availability of complete range of Harrison products.
  • Such dealers will be appointed initially in major towns at prime location of that town.
  • Consumers and technicians can get “Touch & Feel Experience” and information about the quality & applications of Harrison products.
  • Technicians training programme for hassle free installation of Harrison products will be conducted time to time.
  • Consumers will get the facility for smooth installation services for Harrison products through trained technicians, on certain terms and conditions.
  • Pre & Post sales services and customer services during the guarantee period for Harrison products will be available.
  • Company will also promote their Star Priority Dealer to feed the requirements of  products & institutional clients. Company will also extend their attention to promote it’s new launches & special offers for such SPD.
Pre Requisites for a star priority Dealers
  • Sufficient warehouse space min. 500 sp. ft.
  • Experience & rapports in required market amongst dealers etc.
  • Financially sound party willing to invest in business.
  • Strong marketing team.
  • Capable to provide infrastructure as per company's standard.