Suitable for Double Door 

Code : 0611

No of Keys: 2 

Finish : CP



Features :

  • Ideal for Sliding  Cabinets , Shutters or Sliding Wardrobe Shutters , whcih can be locked  automatically to the side of teh cabinets.
  • Special spring loaded latch mechanism for long lasting usage.
  • Zinc alloy die-cast.
  • Key required to open the lock.

Slido Auto Lock

Code. Outer Body Size (mm) Cylinder Size MRP Finish Body Metal Lever/ Pin Key Type Keys No Shackle Height Std. Pkg. weight Case weight Standard Packing Qty Case Packing Qty Case Dimension (inches) Facility Available
0611 42 20 145.00 CP Iron 11 P 2 K 0 28.300 12 288