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Ambala Dealers Meet June 2016

Gwalior 2011

Harrison keeps welcoming its new members and thanking its old members for being affiliated with Harrison so closely and honestly.

So, again to appreciate all, Harrison organized a Dealer’s Meet at Ambala with the abundant support of our Distributors at Ambala “Chokha Ram & Sons”.

Mr. Umang Monga made the event more interesting and involving by telling the audience about the “HAR DIN HUNGAMA” concept  i.e. Harrison’s Product On Wheels Display; even talked about the “MAKE IN INDIA” concept that Harrison is part of, about the “LOCK GURU APP” which would be coming soon, which will be a solution to all hardware problems to everyone. He even gave some light on the new products that have come up in recent times and announced about the launch of Kitchen Baskets that will be happening very soon.